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From pain to growth in AEDP – Transforming emotional pain by using portrayals NETTA OFER

£ 400.00


– Structure of the course: 8 live webinars on Zoom.

– Language: English (with simultaneous translation EN><IT).

– Schedule: one webinar every Wednesday, starting from February 10th up to March 21st; 6PM-8.15PM, CET


First webinar: February 10th;

Second webinar: February 17th;

Third webinar: February 24th;

Fourth webinar: March 3rd;

Fifth webinar: March 10th;

Sixth webinar: March 17th;

Seventh webinar: March 24th;

Eighth webinar: March 31st.

The registration fee must be paid in advance, upon registration. In case of cancellation made by the participant, the registration fee would not be eligible for reimbursement.

Who can attend the webinars?

Mental health professionals (i.e. Psychologists, Psychotherapists, including trainees), medical doctors (including residents) and healthcare professionals. The minimum number of participants for the webinars to be held is 15 people.


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Teaching Method:


The live webinars will be held online, through the video conferencing platform Zoom.us, which is free and easily accessible. Before the webinars, participants will receive detailed instructions about how to download the software (on PCs, MAC computers, tablets or mobile phones) and how to access the online meeting.
Participants will also be able to interact with the Speaker and ask questions, as well as to download teaching materials, as if the event was held in person. The only requirements to participate in the live webinars are the following: having one of the electronic devices noted above (and, if possible, using headset), as well as a good Internet connection, ideally a fibre broadband one. Attendance certificate:

ISC International will email an attendance certificate to every participant a few days after completion of the webinars. 



Description of the online course:

The course is based on AEDP theory and practice and adds important new theoretical and technical ideas on the subject of transforming pain effectively by using portrayals. The ideas are the fruit of Netta Ofer’s (main Presenter) and Hans Welling’s (guest Presenter) research and clinical practice while writing a book about portrayals. The course will help therapists gain the “know how” of portrayal work and enhance their ability to use this tool effectively in their sessions.

The course will combine oral teaching, clinical material in video from real sessions, and reading (6 webinars will be presented by Netta Ofer and 2 by Hans Welling and Netta Ofer together).

The main subjects covered:

  • How is emotional pain created and how it is transformed?
  • Principles of building transformative portrayals.
  • Three paradigms of human pain and their complementary transformational processes: emotional pain, relational pain and self-pain.
  • How to get into deep emotions in portrayals.
  • How to help the patient express what he never could express and receive what he never received.
  • How to work with low self-esteem, self-blaming and self-attack and revitalize the self.
  • Basic principles when working with flooded patients
  • Basic principles for working with defensive patients.

In the end of the course therapists will:

  • have a new fresh understanding of human pain and its transformation.
  • know how to create different types of portrayals with patients.
  • understand the building blocks (principles) of portrayals so that they will be able to play with them creatively and asses their effectiveness.
  • know how to follow and stay with deep pain, deepen it even more, and transform it.
  • have practical tools for dealing with diverse blocks (defenses and flooded states) when using portrayal.

The Presenters:

Netta Ofer is a licensed AEDP Supervisor working in Israel. Netta teaches AEDP in The New School for Psychotherapy in the IDC, Herzliya, and the Gehha Center for Mental Health. She is also an expert in trauma work with children and adults suffering from complex and major trauma. Netta Ofer is currently writing a book with Hans Welling from Portugal on portrayals (a type of experiential imagery work) in AEDP.

Hans Welling studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) and The New School University (New York). He has been a Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer for over 25 years in Portugal and abroad. He is a certified AEDP Therapist and his previous training and specializations include Focusing, EFT and Interpersonal Therapy. He is the author of various articles on experiential therapies, memory reconsolidation and AEDP. His recent focus has been in collaboration with Netta Ofer on the theory of emotional pain and integrating memory reconsolidation into the technique of portrayals.


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