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19 HOUR VIDEOS – A&T Congress Rome 2017

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  • Louis Cozolino: “Trauma and the Social Brain”
  • Stephen J. Suomi: “Behavioral, biological, and epigenetic consequences of different early social attachment experiences in primates”
  • Diana Fosha: Felt Sense of Existing in the Heart and Mind of the Other: Experiential Work with Receptive Affective Experience”
  • Panel discussion: (Cozolino, Suomi, Fosha, Hughes)


  • Massimo Ammaniti: “Proximal and Distant Outcomes of stress and traumas during pregnancy”
  • Robin Shapiro: “Present-orientation, dual attention, affect, relationship, and meaning: the essential components in all good trauma therapies”
  • Janina Fisher:“Working with the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors”
  • Daniel Siegel: The Science of Consciousness and the Future of Psychotherapy (Live videoconference)
  • Panel discussion: (Ammaniti, Shapiro, Fisher)


  • Bessel Van Der Kolk: “Trauma, Body and Psychotherapy”:
  • Kathy Steele: “A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Rage, Sadism, and Predatory Enactments in the Treatment of Complex Trauma”
  • Panel discussion: (Kolk, Ogden, Steele)

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