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LONDON – Training in Ego State Therapy with Robin Shapiro

Date: January 17-19 2019

LocationFORA 9 Dallington St, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 0LN

Full Price Fee: £600 (vat included)

 1st Early Bird Fee: £400 (vat included) within November 30th

2nd Early Bird Fee: £500 (vat included) within the 15th of January

If you have any questions or need additional details and/or assistance, please email us at the following addres: segreteria@isctraining.com.

contact: +44 7879191308

4C Bisham Gardens, N6 6DD London

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1. You will learn the difference between dissociative and non-dissociative ego states.

2. You will be able to access resourced “oldest-wisest” ego states in yourselves and your clients.

3. You will be able to assist clients to contain and heal di-stressed and destructive “parts”.

4. You will know how to use Ego State Therapy with clien-ts who have multiple chemical sensitivities and Graft versus Host disease.

5. You will learn how to help the adult parts of clients to orient to better relationship skills and to pick better partners.

6. You will learn how to work with narcissistic and borderli-ne personality disorder clients.

7. You will know how to assess and begin to work with hi-ghly dissociative clients.

8. If you do EMDR, you will learn how to use this work in the Preparation and Processing phases of therapy.

9. You will learn a simple, effective trauma tool.

10. The 3-day training includes extensive practice includinga. Mapping your own ego states in the context of your life-span b. Clearing simple trauma c. Bringing your own “oldest-wisest” part to the front in life situations when many of us regress (under stress, when dea-ling with our spouses or people in authority, around compul-sive behaviors)

11. The 3-day training includes clinical demonstrations with some participants, either as themselves or as their difficult clients.


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